How it works

Friendji introduces a new way to make friends and join social meetups anywhere you go.

Download Friendji app for free and try our emoji matching system!

1. Choose an emoji

Based on shared interests or what you are looking for, choose an Emoji and send it to the person you want to chat with.

2. Wait for the reply

If this person replies with the same Emoji, you will have an instant match. If not, just keep the game by sending emojis back and forth until the match happens.

3. Realize your plan

Now it's time to get active. Open the chat, say hello and make plans with your new Friendji. Life is all about sharing moments and taking on new adventures!

Get familiar with our emojis

They will give you a world of possibilities to break the ice. Remember, every emoji implies a plan invitation.

Let's grab a beer!
Dinner with wine?
Mojito tonight?
Chat over a coffee?
Wanna eat out?
Fancy some tacos?
Let's talk about business!
I wanna go to cinema with you.
Let's work our together!
Let's meet for a game!
Damn! You're hot!
Wanne explore the city on a bicycle?
Beach day!
Hey, I'm here!
Let's explore the city together!
Would you like go hiking?
Let's have fun at theme park!
Do you wanna join my sports team?