21 Sep

How to Meet People as a Couple While Traveling

Traveling as a couple is a rewarding experience. It’s a lot of fun exploring the world with your significant other. While it’s enjoyable spending some alone time together, sometimes you want to make new friends. Couples can be social beings too!

Sometimes, it can be challenging for couples to find other travelers to be friends with if they don’t know where to look. Luckily here at Friendji, we know a few things about making friends on the road. We have some couples-friendly tips for meeting people while you’re out and about.

Here is some inspiration for making friends while traveling as a couple.

Download the Friendji App

Knowing where to find people interested in forming friendships is one of the biggest challenges couples face. One way to solve this is by downloading the Friendji app. This app is a great way to find like-minded travel friends. You and your partner can reach out to other people on the app using the emoji feature.

Friendji has special emojis that let others know what type of hangout you want. For example, the hamburger emoji means you want to grab food, and the weights mean you want workout buddies. You can use the Friendji app to see who is nearby and plan to hang out with them while you’re there.

Join Group Tours

Many cities offer group tours to see the sights. These tours are great ways to meet new friends. There are a few types of group tours. Some are only one-day tours. While they are short, they are a great way to see the city, meet new people, and invite them to continue exploring together after the tour ends. With this type of tour, there is a little more flexibility. Another type of tour is booking a whole trip through a tour operator. You’ll spend multiple days with the same people, making it easy to make friends.

Meetup Groups

Meetup groups are another great way to meet other people in a city. People go to these gatherings intending to make friends. You can use the Friendji app to help you plan meetup groups based on different interest areas. Additionally, you can also search the app for meetings that people have already planned. These meetings make it easy to meet like-minded individuals while traveling. They are also a fantastic way to meet locals, practice language skills, meet people worldwide, and explore the city. You can develop more meaningful friendships by inviting group members to spend time with you after the meeting.

Hotel or Hostel Activities

Hotels and hostels often organize social activities for their guests. If you stay at one of these places, it’s worth checking if they have any interactive programming. Larger hotels and resorts often have social clubs, classes, and events you can join. Not only can you do something interesting, but you can also make friends who share your interests this way. If you have kids, bonding with other parents dropping their child off at the play area is a way to meet other families. Hostels tend to be incredibly social. You can meet others in the common room, bar/pub crawls, communal dinners, and walking tours.

Language Exchanges

If you’re in a nation that speaks a language you’re trying to learn, see if they have language exchanges. They are ideal for brushing up on your skills and meeting locals learning your native language. They are often at bars or restaurants so that you can discover new places. Not only will you have fun practicing, but you will also meet a lot of people. There are often many opportunities to take learning outside of the classroom and continue practicing throughout the trip. You and your partner will have a great time mixing with others at a language exchange.

Bar/Counter Dining

Sitting at a bar or restaurant counter is a great way to strike up a conversation with other people and the bartender. If you want to make pals at a bar, pick a place that has a laid-back ambiance. You don’t want to compete with music blasting in the background. Wine bars with food are great options.

Additionally, there are many types of restaurants with counter seating. Those looking to meet friends should opt for this option over a table. Often, food markets with stalls have this option. Finally, some restaurants have long tables shared between multiple guests. Take advantage of these if you get a chance.

Go on Double Dates

Sometimes, you end up hitting it off with another couple at your accommodation or on your tour. If it seems like you’re groups are having a great time together, try going on a double date. There will be many places to explore in your destination, so finding a suitable spot shouldn’t be challenging. You can also use Friendji to set one up.

Going out and seeing the town with another couple can bring in new ideas and allow you to visit somewhere through a different lens. It can break up the trip if you and your partner need a little break from spending the entire time with each other.

Are you looking to make friends as a couple and read more fun travel articles? Check out our blog and download the Friendji app!

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