Meet2Earn & Ambassador Program​

Imagine a mobile app that pays you real money to meet new people and have fun!

Friendji introduces a Meet2Earn program for worldwide users.

Would you like to make friends, earn extra income and become Friendji ambassador?

1. Download Friendji

It's free for Android & iOS. Create a profile and fill up all the information required, including a profile picture.

2. Host a meetup

Tap into the Meetups section and create a new meetup. You will be responsible to organize the event, party, activity or meetup.

3. Invite your friends

Invite your friends to download Friendji and join your meetup. Promote it on your social media accounts to reach more people!

4. Get paid

Enjoy the meetup with friends, take some pictures, share them with us and you will get paid. It's that easy!

What kind of meetups can I host?

You can host meetups for multiple occasions. For instance, you want to meet a group of people at a trendy coffee shop for sharing experiences or ideas, you want to exchange languages or culture with foreigners, you want to create a networking events or discussion groups about topics you are passionate about, you want to go enjoy a beautiful day at the beach with cool people, you want to grab some beers with other like-minded individuals, you want to explore the city with locals or travelers, you want to organize a day trip to visit little towns outside the city, you are looking for sport or travel buddies… as you can imagine, the possibilities for socialising are endless! Be creative and organize unforgettable meetups!

How much can I earn?

🥇 Friendji is the first app in the world which pays its users for socializing. 

💰 Payout amounts range from 5 to 20 USD per meetup depending on the location. 

Requirements & Conditions

✔️ You will be required to submit information and the meetup and share name or emails of every participant.

✔️ The meetup must be labeled as FREE and you are not allowed to charge money for the activity or event.

✔️ There must be at least 10 meetup participants who are new app users with verified profile and have different id devices.

✔️ You can participate in the Meet2Earn program up to 4 times per month. That is one meetup per week at maximum.

✔️ Payments will be made in USD via Paypal or bank wire within 7 days after each meetup submission approval.

Request payment

Please, click the button below to submit the information regarding your meetup.

We will review it within 48 hours and let you know the payout amount.