Collaborative Partnerships

 We are looking for new partners to help support our growth and provide further social opportunities for our fantastic app members.

We cooperate with a variety of digital and physical businesses, such as travel bloggers, influencers, co-working spaces, remote work companies, online communities, co-living residences, social hostels, travel agencies, networking events, podcasts, apps, brilliant individuals and many more!

If you don’t fit any of the categories above, but think you’re a good fit to promote Friendji, please get in touch with us!

How can Friendji help your business? 🤝

We look for partnerships that provide equal benefits to both parties, and so this is what we can offer you:

✔️ Your event, service or experience will be listed and pinned at the top of the meetup city list.

✔️ We will promote your event, service or experience in our upcoming city guides with travel recommendations.

✔️ We will add your logo and link on the Partners section within the website.

✔️ You will enjoy free premium account for life once we launch “Friendji for business” with more options for promotions.

✔️ You will be invited to write a guest post for our blog and this content will be shared all across our social channels.

✔️ We will allow you to post sponsored content on our Facebook groups 1 2 3 4 with over 200k members.

Our partners ♥️

Workew is a remote-job board and hiring platform that connects talented people who seek remote careers with innovative companies hiring remotely.